What does it me…

7 May

What does it mean to have failed relationships? What does it mean to be unable to communicate successfully with someone whom you really want to share a relationship? Why would that person just close down? I think I know the answer to that question. They don’t want to be with you anymore. They have a different plan that doesn’t include you. But they are hedging their bets. Keeping you on the back burner because you suspect they have their sights set on someone else and are not sure it is going to work out so the person has not got the courage, ethics or honesty to settle the score. Instead you hang on thinking maybe the relationship will resume they way it was. Maybe the relationship will go back to the beginning when it was loving and you both couldn’t wait to spend time together. But it doesn’t ever go like that. He gets dumped by whoever he thought he could get so he is still stuck with you, treating you unfairly, and with no morality. This is a question of respecting another human being’s right not to be cheated on and to be treated with honesty about his or her preference for someone else on this planet. At a certain age, especially after 50 years, nobody is ever going to be good enough.

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